Friday, June 3, 2011

the birthday post

as the title says it's the birthday post! my birthday was actually last week, but I havent get the mood to make a post about it. i turned 22 this year, and i just felt, older. thanks to everyone who sent their birthday wishes, spent time to take pics above, and for those celebrated my birthday on the first hour of may 28!

birthday resolution:
tryin to be more open minded, as i will go to new place
less self conscious
more patient
be more open, and not-that-introvert
spend more!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


see what my homepage suggests me to do. i see it like everytime i open my browser. good job apple, you know that im graduating soon and throwing the promotion at the right time!

Friday, May 20, 2011

happy birthday cok!


may your new age brings you health, wisdom, blessing, and, soulmate :p

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

my last exam period

i hope this is my last exam period in NTU. amen. currently I am left with two more exams, both of them are core modules and need memorizing. honestly i was a bit worried about my first exam, fundamentals of management. i thought i studied enough from books and lecture notes, but anyway the exam was more to application. I did all the questions, the time was quite short until my handwriting became very ugly. i didnt really sure with my answer tho, and last time the lecturer said 1 of 3 who took this module fails last sem. and it made me down psychologically. especially since i am the thinking type that can think unpredictable thing. really.

so these few days ive been thinking about it. and im getting anxious though i realized that nothing i could change. what's over is over. anyway ive tried my best and let God do the rest. the situation will be different if I didn't put enough effort, but this time, trust me, I studied for this module since Im going for grade point for my minor, and please dont let it ruin my future. to think about it again, the lecturer never mentioned who failed. was it those ppl SU-ing the course or those going for grade points? ha! since if u SU the course then u wont bother to study that much. anyway it is also my fault that i think too far. i will graduate. amen.

*SU means that u dont really take the grade, it is whether u pass the course or not.

and here is my plan for after exam and after fyp presentation
-back to lab and finish my experiment. yes i'm still doing experiment and i still have one URECA paper to submit. and my sup also aims for publishing paper this time. okay we'll see
-i donno when but i definitely will go back home for few weeks and spend my holiday
-applying visa. finally my I-20 has been processed!
-applying for housing and stuff

i will still stay in singapore until around end of june. and i have planned some singapore trip. by myself. haha i'm ashamed that ive been living here for four years and yet i havent really explored singapore. and i must do it before leaving.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

finally decided

i am going to university of michigan this fall. it's finally decided after a month of thinking. I slept late researching of which uni should i go, comparing the pros and cons. Deciding between three unis is not easy. So, im quite excited to go oversea(again!).

Saturday, April 2, 2011

i couldn't be more thankful

for the last few days i have been amazed by how great the blessings I received.

i was the first among my indonesian friends in BIE to be called for interview, though i got rejected on the spot since it is a shipyard company and it is male dominated (the interviewers even tell me not to waste my time there because first job is very important). at least i had the experience of interview, talking with strangers that could be your potential employer, and the nervous feeling. to be honest i was the one among my friends that was not enthusiastic to find a job since i'm waiting for grad school. even i didn't drop resume for this company, wonder how they could call me, huh?

i got a very good news from the schools i've applied. two schools. i can't tell the details yet since i'm in dilemma on which one should i choose. it is important decision, and it involves lots of money (okay money shouldn't be the most important concern). anyway both of them are in US. but my prof said that i better wait for imperial college before making decision. it's like gambling :(

:) :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


i was in the middle of writing my final report when melancholy strikes me and i decided to post something

it's just one week away from the first draft submission and i'm still struggling with my experiment. and my prof is currently in korea. but anyway i just write what i can, and give my best.

okay so this is the point. as deadline drawing near, i feel pressure all over me. i realized i became more reserved nowadays. i kept things for my self, and i preferred not to talk rather than saying something unpleasant cos ive been saying sharp words and i didn't think the person i talked to was an open to criticism. and i was kinda avoiding conversation about fyp and report stuff, basically i just dont like being asked 'hows the progress etc'

but thankfully, on the other side, the conditions make me realize that i have ppl around me that i can go to to keep me sane. hail bbm :p .


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